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Newlyweds [GAME]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Doozyapps, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Newlyweds is cool free android game developed by me, I'm an indie games developer and that's my first game hope you will enjoy it, here is the link:


    the description:

    You've took the remote and switched the channel to sports when your wife is deeply taken by her favorite soap, and just at the moment when the guy is confessing his feelings to the girl he loved... that was a really bad move!! watch her kick you out of the house go to the roof and throw your favorite items down on the street. watch her have her frenzies and call the neighbors for help!! and never under estimate the power of a chihuahua holding a net.. keep your eye out for the chihuahua indicators and jump when u get the chance!!Test your reflexes as you run down the street trying to collect your sports Gear and trophies as your wife throws them from the roof!! watch out form the helping neighbors and Chihuahua dogs. tilt your device left and right to move,touch the screen to jump, gather your stuff for score, collect coins and buy power ups, avoid letting the beverages fall on the ground, jump above chihuahuas, and avoid catching Bombs that the angry wife helping neighbors are throwing! lets see how long you can Last!
    Enjoy this incredibly fun endless game play!!
    * Simple tilt controls that are easy to use, PS: jump and tilt you will go faster
    * Level up your character and use awesome power-ups
    * Crisp high quality graphics
    * Objectives and high score!
    * Incredibly fun, endless game play!

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