News and Weather junkies - check in!


Ok. I guess I'm on a roll here since I got my new phone. I'm looking for the ultimate News and Weather widgets. I have taptu but its not that great. I'd love to see a live scrolling app of the latest headlines. Same with weather. Would love to see a combination of clock, news, and weather app. Any such animal?


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I have searched long and hard for a weather set up I like. I've tried them all (mostly) and they all have pluses and minuses depending on what you need and want. I wanted a Widget that gave me time, date, and weather. I went with HD Widgets as I liked the look better than Beautiful widgets. I use a 5x4 widget that gives all that. I have programmed to widget to launch certain programs depending on where I touch the widget. I touch the time and it launches the stock alarm program. I touch the current weather and it launches my preferred instant weather radar program - MyRadar (I liked this one better than Radar Now, which was pretty good too). I touch the date and it launches my preferred calendar program - Jorte. I touch the five-day forecast and it launches my preferred weather program - Accuweather. I went back and forth between Accuweather, Weather Bug, Weather Channel, and Weather Underground. All have their little quirks but Accuweather gives me the best looking interface and quickest access to hourly readings.

As for news, there are so many out there. I'm not a huge news junky and I've don't want scrolling news. I have tried a couple new aggregators and I like Flipboard the best. I also tried Pulse which was pretty good too. Other news programs I use is a local station to me (WMUR), Huffington Post (lots of widgets with this one), NBC news for the breaking news notifications (worked better than CNN and AP), ESPN Score Center for sports, and World News Live24 for live streaming when I really want to see what's going on.

There's a start for you. Setting up these phones and exploring all the cool software is just a wicked blast! I see you have the Razr M. If that has the notification LED try out Light Flow. That's my favorite program for my Razr HD Maxx. Have fun and post back here with what you tried.