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NewsRob (Google Reader / RSS): Must have app for Android users

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by riazrahaman, Jun 17, 2010.

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    With loads of web feeds subscribed using Google reader, needed a way to have this content stored offline on my phone so I could read it on my way to work or while travelling. I did some research and found newsrob had the best ratings. Decided to give it a try and I was more than satisfied in no time that I purchased the paid version. No paid market access, nothing to worry, use slideme app to get the paid version which unlocks the free version. There is a solution for everything here.

    The app supports offline storage of the google reader subscriptions in desired format like only "text" or "text plus images" or "the entire web page", so it could be easy on your SDCARD space and also data usage. Daily morning I start a sync over wifi and in no time all my subscriptions are in my phone for offline reading.

    Looking back a month when I installed the app and the current version there are so many features that have been added.

    To mention a few.

    One is the day/night mode which reduces the strain on your eyes. Below is the screen capture.



    Next is the image resizing to match the screen size and with flash support the youtube video is also embedded.


    Full screen mode was a blessing. Itz awesome when reading articles and making maximum use of the screen, you get the feeling of reading a book and not holding a phone :)


    The support is amazing. Developer has a blog which is updated with the latest information about new releases.

    You got a feature request, no problem just check this link and request a feature you want. If there is an existing request then vote for it.

    Nevertheless one can always participate in forum discussions to discuss any problems that one is facing with the app and don't be surprised by prompt response that you will get from developer and also the members of the forum.

    Finally this is a MUST HAVE for a android user. Happy Google decided to give out Android. Life has got better.


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