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Next Generation Scientific Calculator on Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Harihar_Naik, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Software is fastest evolving sector today. With the frequent update of mobile OS, software developer get to use more amazing features into their apps. I am a research and development person so I constantly need a scientific calculator with more and more features. So I wanted a good android calculator apps and I read some of the articles and checked some apps on play store. But what I feel is, scientific calculators on play store resembles the traditional calculators or when they add some amazing features they make the app complex to use. After my search on play store I decided to develop an app which will be extremely powerful, with maximum features and very simple to use with stunning GUI. I have done with it and here is my first app on play store.


    This app contents scientific calculator, statistical calculator and programmers calculator. and switching between is extremely easy.

    If you are a programmer and handle bit wise computation then you cant get better calculator than this. It shows you the 64 bits of any number and you can simultaneously see the number on expression.

    Now why I am calling it a next generation calculator is because it is designed considering the best features of other apps and arranging the layout in such a way that it will be extremely easy to use. This calculator is truly the evolved version of the other calculators on play store.

    My intention behind this article is to get your valuable review and feedback so that I can make it better and better with time and android will have better educational apps. because their are far better evolution in game category of android app and other categories, but the educational app developers lags behind. I am a technical writer and a software analyst so I thought rather than criticizing apps on play store I should develop one with the best features so i came up with this app. and I request everyone to give your suggestion so that it will help educational app developer to evolve with the speed of other category.

    Thank You

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