Nextbook premium 8 headphone jack not working

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I have a Nextbook premium 8 and the headphone jack doesn't work. When I plug in my headphones, it still plays sound out of the speakers. It doesn't seem to know that the headphones are plugged in. It's been doing this for about 10 months. Why are my headphones not working and how do I fix it?


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The headphone jack is probably defective. They're cheap parts (less than $10 if you go to Ripoffs, Inc.) but disassembling the netbook, unsoldering the old jack and soldering the new one in and reassembling the netbook might not be something you want to try yourself. (Although it's a heck of a lot easier on a netbook than it is on a cellphone, but walking across the Grand Canyon on a rope is a heck of a lot easier than wingwalking on an old biplane, and neither one is what you'd call a piece of cake.)