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Feb 12, 2010
Peoria, IL
So I have the nexus 3D gallery app installed on my 2.1 Eris. It works fine other than it refuses to generate thumbnails sometimes. They just show up as grey boxes. Once it finally does generate the thumbnails, it's fine, but sometimes they just won't generate. For example, I took some pics this past Sunday and the thumbnails are still just showing up as grey boxes. It takes several cycles of closing gallery, opening gallery, closing, opening, etc. etc. to get it to finally generate all the thumbnails, then they're fine. Oh, and sometimes they don't show up at all. Seems this app is very buggy on the Eris.
Mine is kind of weird as well. Same grey box issue. I also don't like how disorganized it is. I have different "stacks" for wallpapers, album artwork, backgrounds (more wallpapers), etc. Kind of a mess. Shouldn't videos be in a different stack? Does anyone know how to organize these things? I can't seem to convince myself to uninstall it though, the 3d effect is too cool.
I haven't had a problem with it. the organization thing like skeletonix says but it is still a whole lot better thanthe stock viewer. I imagine there is a way to organize it better by going into your sd card and making specific folders and moving things around but I haven't had the time or inclination yet to look into it. I like the cool effects to and the fact that it syncs with your picasa photo albums. Not sure why you are having probems. Are you sure you used the correct link in andrizoid's post, if that is where you got it from? he had several, some that he still hadn't worked out the bug for.
It requires you to make an account with picasa. After I did that all was fantastic. Thumb nails are super snappy. No lag at all. This is the only program I could get to successfully transfer a file (picture) from one Eris to the other over bluetooth "paired but not connected" connection.
I definitely get the grey box thumbnail still, its a huge pain. Some others mention in andrizoid's post that they have the same problem. I just used the link in that post (the stock icon one).

As of today ALL my thumbnail are fine, but it took opening and closing gallery several times before they all built correctly.

EDIT: Just took a pic. Immediately after taking it I went to gallery. The thumbnail is just a grey box, and the little spinny thing stopped spinning so I knew it was done making thumbnails.

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I don't see why having a Picasa account would make a difference.

And yes, sometimes the pics don't show up at all for me either, but that happens very rarely. Most of the time its just the grey boxes.

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Some things that I have noticed with it.

1) Sometimes I don't see the picture I just took in the gallery. Usually if I look for it right after I took it. I find if I kill the memory resident Gallery process and start it back up, it picks up right away. But this is a rare occurrence.

2) Sometimes random thumb nails don't render and I get the gray boxes like everyone else. That's annoying and I can't find a fix for it.

3) When I use the grouping feature in the gallery, it's seems to group the photos by random dates or image count. Can't figure out what it's trying to do here. Maybe someone knows?

4) Also, when using the grouping feature, the date/photo count text is of various font sizes, and I have no idea why. I can't seem to associate it with any sort of identifiable function, like photo count or something.

Meh. Maybe someone knows why this is working the way it is?