Nexus 4 driver issue



So I have a Nexus 4 and I tried to root my phone with no success. I used the Nexus 4 root toolkit but I quit after awhile. I did however somehow manage to delete my Google Drivers. It replaced it with a clockwork mod Google ADB driver. My phone no longer allows me to transfer files between my phone and my computer through USB. However, I can do this with other computers, meaning this is a problem on my computer, not the phone. I tried to search for Google Drivers and found one on This however, led to no success. I'm currently running the latest version of android 4.4.2 but this problem has been present since I was on 4.2.2. Is there anything I can try to fix this issue?

Thanks guys.
I don't know which driver to install. And when I installed the google driver, the phone still uses the clockwork mod driver as the most updated driver. Can you post a link to the driver I should use and how to install?