Help nexus 4 slide out menu help


Hey guys first post here.
Just got my first android after using shitty apple products for close to three years.
Thought I would start my android adventure with a nexus 4.

Loving everything with the phone only problem is when I hold the home button a 'circle' menu pops out with Google at the top and all this empty space.
I've seen screenshots of people having stuff in that menu and just want to know how?.

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Welcome to AF, you've picked a fine device for your first Android!

It's done via rooting (sorta similar to jailbreaking) and using a custom ROM (alternative software). I'm not aware of any way of getting the same effect using the stock software.

Is it something you'd be interested in doing? It's very easy to do.


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The circle/menu you are seeing is how you open google now (slide finger up to google). If you want menus in this section i think you would have to root the phone and install a custom rom with the feature. As far as i know the home launchers available (eg apex, nova etc) dont have this function available. Dont quote me on this lol but i think from memory the function you may have seen is pie from the paranoid android rom ?? Might be worth checking out the root section of the forum for more knowledgeable info :)

Good luck !!