nexus 4 vs samsung galaxy s3

which do you guys think is better the galaxy s3 or the nexus 4?


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Depends on what you are looking for and want in a phone.

...what are YOU looking for in a phone? What options do you want/need? Do you prefer a customized OS (such as touchwiz) or do you prefer the stock experience? Do you want/need a removable battery/SD card? Which carrier are you looking to use? What other features matter to you?


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You're posting in a Nexus 4 forum and I can guarantee most people here will say the Nexus 4 is better. If you go to a GSIII forum they will say the GSIII is better. What i'd honestly recommend is you read a couple reviews for each and decide what suits your wants/needs better.


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I don't have either but both have their advantages. GS III because of some feature in touchwiz and Nexus because of priority updates. If I had to choose between the two I'd go with a Nexus hands down!


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If you NEED a lot of storage, then the S3 is a better option. Otherwise, I think the Nexus 4 is better in every aspect. Me and my wife both have the Nexus 4, we got the S3 for our daughter. I hate trying to do anything on my daughter's phone. The software on the Nexus is just sooooo much better.

My daughter downloads tons of games and stores a lot of music on hers. Her Nexus S ran out of storage and she couldn't even update apps because she didn't have enough storage available. I didn't want to run into that problem again. I would rather her have a 16gb phone and 32 gb SD and not worry about it.

I keep a few games, the occasional movie (downloaded from Xfinity, then removed once I watch it), and stream everything else. I also utilize the cloud. Last month I used 9gb of data, and I'm on pace to double it this month, just to show how much streaming and using the cloud I do.

My wife calls, texts, uses Facebook, and an occasional game is all she uses her phone for.

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Don't join the mainstream gs3 bandwagon.. If you need storage or wanna try to fit in get the gs3, if you want a unique, high quality luxury phone toss a iPhone and get the Google nexus 4...


Get a nexus 4 and wait till the S4 and save some money (like you will be able to resist the Nexus 5) On another note I tried to convert my girlfriend but she insisted on the gs3 because of the sd card and higher storage options(her current sd card is empty wtf)after she got it i was disappointed that the phone is even put in the same context as the Nexus because after using the Nexus for a week i had high expectations for the gs3 which was supposedly a "better phone" because i could notice the lag in browsing the UI it scored significantly under my Nexus out of the box which i had been using for a 2 weeks and her wifi would disconnect while we were right next to each other. While driving and she was searching for directions id have to pull out my nexus because the s3 wouldnt lock i even get better wireless signal that her(both tmobile)and the pictures oh the pictures lets just say not the deal breaker people want it to be. The screen lets just say my whites are a natural white and my blacks are pretty darn black. the only thing that is has on the nexus is the speakers which must cost about 1 penny to make. The touch wiz features are a plus too but if u want features plz by all means do not count out the optimus g.


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I really wanted the Nexus 4 this year but I think I'm going to hold off for the next version. I'm thinking it's going to be made by Motorola. Hopefully it doesn't look anything like the RAZR.


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The camera on the S3 is better and you get greater storage. Some people also find the S3 is a bit more comfortable to hold in the hand otherwise, the Nexus 4 is a better device for me.

The biggest advantage is the speed and fluidity out of the box. I find the difference quite noticeable when I go back to using an S3. I'm sure a custom ROM and launcher would make the difference negligible but most people don't want to do that.

Then there's also the phenomenally low price and the fact that N4 will always be first to updates. Again, custom roms on the S3 will help negate the latter advantage somewhat but not entirely as there is always a significant delay between a new version of Android being released and a *stable* rom being built around it.