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Nexus 4

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Android Question

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    I have Nexus 4. It ran great. Recently, I updated the operating system of Android 4.3 to Android 4.4 based on the suggestions. Many functions on my cell doesn't work anymore. Can I revers the operating system to the original and How? Please have suggestions.

    I did reset on factory but it is still come out as 4.4.

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Factory reset removes all the apps and data you've put into the phone. If you want to burn a stock 4.3 ROM, that depends on whether one is available for the N4.

    If some nice mod would please move the thread to the appropriate forum, so our guest could get a more informed answer?
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  3. scary alien

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    Since it is a Nexus device, you should be able to flash back to a 4.3 factory image.

    If you can get over the hump of installing the USB drivers (usually the biggest hurdle folks who use Windows have), that should be a pretty straightforward process.

    There's also all-in-one tools that can assist with this process. You can read/see more about this on our Nexus 4 - All Things Root - Android Forums area.

    If the OP/Guest signs-up with us, I can move their thread at that time.


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