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Nexus 5 would not connect to Windows 10 PC. Why?

Discussion in 'Android Rooting' started by LPras, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Hello all,

    Could really use some help with connecting my Nexus 5 to my Windows 10 PC.

    Problem: With USB debugging ON in the Nexus 5, I do not get a pop-up on the notification bar in the phone, nor am I able to browse the phone media/anything from My Computer in the PC - the device just doesn't show up.

    What I've done so far + hours of googling + general info
    1. Wire isn't the issue. I've tried about 3 USB to micro-USB cables with no luck and all of them connect fine to the PC with my other device, Nexus 6.
    2. I've tried toggling the developer options and USB debugging options in the Nexus 5 to no avail.
    3. I uninstalled all ADB drivers and the WugFresh Nexus Root Toolkit (NRT) for whatever it's worth and restarted PC. Same results.
    4. The same Nexus 5 connects perfectly well and behaves as expected with another Windows 7 PC. Can't use this PC though since it's the work laptop!
    5. I was successfully able to root the Nexus 5 with NRT a couple of month ago (on some Android 6.x version) on another Windows 7 laptop (which I do not have currently) - so USB debugging did work on this Nexus 5 at some point.

    Question: Could anyone if you have the time, please point me towards why the Nexus 5 would just not connect to this particular Windows 10 PC? Anything else I can try? Last resort?


  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary

    Hey @LPras, welcome to AF :).

    Well, I can tell you that misery loves company, but I had/have this very same issue on a desktop that I still have but just migrated off of (onto a newer main box).

    I'm 99% sure that the issues on that older (development) box that I used for years was that I had many, many USB drivers installed on it and there was some basic conflict that I could not resolve without somehow wiping everything. I had to be careful in the pruning / cleaning / fixing that I did attempt because I have a variety of devices that didn't have connectivity issues that I still wanted / needed to use.

    I did have partial connectivity with my N5 via USB (and adb), but I was not able to get the "Transfer files" mode working between my N5(s) and my Windows 7 PC.

    The partial connectivity I could achieve was to put the N5 in "Transfer photos (PTP)" mode and then transfer files in my DCIM folder (that and the subdirs were the only ones I could "see" from my PC's Windows Explorer.

    I could also use adb when in this PTP mode, but no other.

    I had/have no issues with adb or Windows Explorer connectivity on my N6P which is my primary device.

    Anyway, that limited advice is all I have to offer at this point--other than my sympathies and commiseration :).
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