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Nexus 5X and successful update to Oreo

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by DookusMalukas, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. DookusMalukas

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    Another rant.

    Was getting sick of my phone complaining that there was a system update, was avoiding the update as my phone has a hardware issue that can brick the phone when updating, had attempted the update when the phone arrived, it went into the loop and luckily for me it went into safe mode and recovered, though without updating to Oreo, this was early August did the research and setup the phone in case this happened again, enabled developer options and downloaded Android Studio.

    Recently had the brain flash that since freezing this model can let you change settings to save the phone after it went into loop as it helps with the hardware fault ... possibly heat or gives a chip that cannot deal with the workload the extra grunt to perform properly,, thought "maybe freezing the phone" froze the phone in a bag with a heap of stuff to absorb moisture, then started the update once phone cold then putting back into freezer, went and got it 1 hour later, the message on the screen said "Failed- try again or factory image, tried again with the same outcome, then did factory image reset, Oreo was installed once factory image was chosen ... thought factory would always revert to the shipped OS?

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