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Nexus 6 Wireless Charging

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BRM10984, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. BRM10984

    BRM10984 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So I must be slightly daft, or it's just not that easy with the N6, but... I can't figure out how to get wireless charging to take. I have the little square glass "puck" Nexus charger that Google released last year with the N5. The N5 had pretty strong centering magnets in the body to align with the charger. I swear I read that the N6 doesn't have such magnets, and that seems to mostly play out with my N6. I don't think I'm imagining things... I think there's a slight magnetic attraction between the charger and the bottom portion of the phone, such that the phone doesn't even sit on the charger because it's too top-heavy when aligned by the magnets.

    I've tried setting the N6 on there every which way (except face down... LOL), and it doesn't ever start charging. I don't recall having to "activate" wireless charging on my N5, and I can't seem to locate a place where it would be activated on the N6. What am I missing? Hoping the other three people who have been lucky enough to snag one of these can point me in the right direction...



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  2. marctronixx


    The Google nexus 5 charger Is not going to work reliably with this phone. I had it and promptly returned it.

    You will have better success with vertical stands or longer "flat bed" type devices
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  3. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    The TYLT charger works easily and flawlessly with the N6.
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  4. shalemail

    shalemail Android Expert

  5. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

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  6. marctronixx


    Tylt is the doc to get. The choe stadium is also tops.

    When I'm away from power I use the qi stone+ wireless charger. It looks like a pebble/stone and it has a qi transmitter as well as a receiver so it can wireless charge itself.
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  7. shalemail

    shalemail Android Expert

    Well those are both pretty cool I like the qistone, very cool idea. Thank you!
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  8. Geese1

    Geese1 Well-Known Member

    I ordered the Tylt one for myself on Monday, so now I'm just waiting for it to ship. I'm hoping that it works with my case (Cruzerlite), as I'd rather not have to keep taking the case off to charge it.
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  9. shalemail

    shalemail Android Expert

    There's quite a price gap between these options. Is it a matter of you get what you pay for? Or one is more established and recognized and the other is looking for market share? Just different styles/materials?

    Help me out here... :)
  10. BRM10984

    BRM10984 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I picked up a Tylt Vu during their half-off sale... or at least I think I did. I received an order confirmation with an order number, but the order still does not show in my order history. It's been close to a week, so I'll probably contact them. Has anyone else who ordered around the same time noticed the same thing?
  11. marctronixx


    Some folks over at xda emailed tylt . The response was tylt had a lot of orders and the product eventually sold out. It's on backorder status and the orders that got in are being verified on a first come first served basis. Tylt will send updated shipping info once your order ships. They expect to start shipping next week or later this week.

    you are welcome to email them and see if the shipping process has updated.
  12. Geese1

    Geese1 Well-Known Member

    Just to update, received my Tylt Vu charger on Thursday, and it seems to work perfectly fine with my Cruzerlite case still on the phone. I'm not sure how well the charging would work with thicker cases, but I'm perfectly happy with it right now.
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  13. marctronixx


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  14. halon

    halon hakuna matata

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  15. marctronixx


    clock mode using the aukey app:

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  16. feihu989

    feihu989 Lurker

    Nexus 6's battery is way larger than Nexus 5's, it seems to me like wireless charging takes too much time. I didn't do a full test, but the charging current is about 700ma to 800ma, with 3000mah battery, it should take about 5 hours to do a full charge?
  17. Androidcurious

    Androidcurious Android Enthusiast

    Thank you SO MUCH for recommending this! It is FAN-EFFING-TASTIC! The first wireless charger I've owned that it's a pain to place the phone on, and the charging is pretty quick. It isn't as fast as the corded turbo charger but I'd put it as fast as around a "normal" wall charger (compared to previous wireless chargers this is definitely faster).
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  18. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Android Expert

    I have a Google Nexus wireless Qi charger. Nice little unit. Have been using it no problem with the N4, N5 and N7. Have a N6 on order for my wife but won't get in until Monday, so haven't actually tried the Nexus charger with the N6 yet. But Google says that it will work and even gives instructions for placement on the pad:


    I certainly hope it works. I'll post the results.
  19. marctronixx


    in my experience, nexus charger is not recommended for the nex 6. I had it and due to the bulge on the back of the moto ,the placement of the charger is finicky . you already have the charger so no love loss there but I would not purchase it.

    Google will of course post up about the charger because they are in business to sell products, and technically any qi-spec'ed charger will indeed work, but some do it better than others.

    was quite frustrated with this charger and promptly returned it. I recommend the qi stone+, the choe stadium, the aukey luna, and highly recommend the TYLT. there are also some Nokia stands mentioned in this thread that are working for many but I can't lend my personal experience. I can speak about every charger above I listed because I have all of those.
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  20. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    I have the Luna. Attractive looking but seems to have an issue topping the battery off. Stops at 98 or 99%. I have two and both do the same thing. The clock is neat but doesn't stay on all night. I might be doing something wrong with settings though.
  21. marctronixx


    no you are doing everything right.

    i promptly returned the aukey after i saw it stop charging once the battery is full. id wake up the next day to ~97-99% or so charge and i did not like that.

    the dev of the unit states its a design and when the battery is full it shuts off so as not to damage the battery.

    i call this nonsense and i need a charger the keep the battery topped off/trickle charged.

    as a result i picked up two TYLT chargers and they have been very very very nice. phone is always at 100% when i take it off the charger. you can even see the led charge lamp cycle on and off when the battery requests to be topped off.

    another beast of a charger is the qi stone+ and choe stadium. i have all three of these.
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  22. FrancisJ

    FrancisJ Newbie

    So i just picked up a CHOE Stadium Qi Wireless charger from Amazon and I am having a few problems. First of all I have only used the charger for one night. Last night i put it on charger around 11 pm right before bed. I woke this morning around 7am and noticed the phone was quite hot and it only had about 64% battery life. I understand wireless charging is a bit slow and produces more heat than normal charging. But think phone was pretty hot and it didnt get a full charge in 8hrs. I am going to return the charger and get a TYLT Vu wireless charger. But before i do that, i want to know is it normal for the phone to get hot while charging wirelessly? whats a normal temperature for you? And how long does a full charge take?
  23. marctronixx


    I have both chargers and do not have that experience.

    it's normal for these phones to get warm but not hot. you could have a defective choe.
  24. FrancisJ

    FrancisJ Newbie

    Thanks for speedy reply. Ill return it right away!

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