Feb 19, 2016

I got my Nexus 6P yesterday and I'm completely green on Android (had an Iphone since forever but was a good time to change now).

The question is how to activate Screenshot in Android 6.0.1 on my nexus? I see that you need to press and hold the O button and then google loads up searches from your screen as well as it should provide share button + something else. However for some reason I can't find it.. at all. It's like it's not in my version or something.

So I'm wondering if i might have disabled something somewhere which removes this. If anyone could help me out here I would be forever grateful!

Thanks in advance
The "O" button is actually called the home button, and what you see brought up when you press and hold on that is Google Now on Tap, which you pretty much have the hang of, looks at what's on your screen and helps you search anything if you like.
As for screenshots it's a simple button combination, press and hold power and volume down buttons.
Hello Blu8.

Thank you so much for your response. But sadly when I'm doing that it only turns into like slumber mode so it basically deactivates any type of alarms and stuff like that. I saw that button before then it did an update or i did a configuration or something and now it doesn't work anymore. I'm just curious to figure out where this option is so I can turn it back on again.

Screenshots aren't something you can disable in any setting, it's pretty much hard coded into the phone. It sounds to me like you're pressing the volume down button just slightly prior to the power button, it should be the other way around. Try pressing the power button a little before you do the same to the volume button.

Alternatively, "there's an app for that!"