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Nexus 6P to Galaxy S8 woes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HateMakinSNs, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. HateMakinSNs

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    My woes are mostly related to video quality with Netflix and Hulu. Compared to my Nexus 6P, the video from Netflix and Hulu just looks... flat/boring/LCD like. It doesn't play like I'm watching from a flagship AMOLED screen.

    I already lost the headphones from the box on my first full day with the device, so I'm limited to exchanging for another Samsung device. I was thinking about swapping it out for the Note 8. Bigger screen, HDR support from Netflix, more RAM, dual cameras, S Pen... but does it translate? Does streaming and picture taking see a big jump?

    I was really bracing myself for the financial jump of a Pixel 2 XL, but I just can't handle that and the cost to replace the headphones to return the device. Any feedback?


  2. Hadron

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    Have you played with the display settings? The S8 is more realistically tuned out of the box than some of its predecessors, but it's quite capable of producing the traditional oversaturated "AMOLED look" if that's what you like.

    My daughter has one and to me it still looks a bit oversaturated, and I doubt she's tuned it that way (it's her first AMOLED phone, so she won't have been trained to expect that). It's certainly more saturated than my Pixel 2, though I'm not familiar with the 2XL's screen. I believe it also has more screen modes and colour controls than the Pixel.
  3. cordroy

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    I did exactly the same thing, 6P to S8 and haven't had any issues with picture quality using the apps you mentioned. But it is worth playing about with settings.

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