Help Nexus 7 2013 4.4 Root

I've been trying to root my tablet, but nothing's working. It's wifi 4.4 KRT16S if that's important. I've been trying to unlock my bootloader, but my computer won't detect my device. I've enabled usb debugging, I don't know the problem :( I've used this video for the bootloader and downloaded the stuff and followed step by step, and intended to use the other video for rooting.

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If the computer isn't recognizing the device, it likely means your drivers aren't set up correctly.

Is it possible that windows 8.1 is incompatible as I have all my drivers on my desktop (windows 7 Pro), but none of my devices.. 5 7s 10 show up on the laptop (windows 8.1). ???


The mtp driver is something windows recognizes, but the adb and fastboot drivers are never recognized and always must be installed and/or configured manually. If you plug the device in while in the bootloader and then open up your device manager in Windows, you will likely see an unknown device. You'll want to go to Asus's website and grab the drivers from there and install them for that unknown device.


What do I do after that? Do I just download it and that's it or is there a way of installing it? Also, can you give me a step by step guide on how to unlock the bootloader and root my tablet? Thanks

Once downloaded, right click on the unknown device in the device manager and click update driver software. Then select the second option to let you select the location and then select folder you downloaded from the Asus website. Just make sure to unzip the file if the downloaded file is a zip file. Once the driver is installed, fastboot commands should work which will allow you to unlock your bootloader and proceed to rooting.


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When I rooted my Nexus 2012, I used this tool. There are guides and tutorials on the website (under the Nexus Root Toolkit tab).


It worked very well (after I fixed the driver problem). I have not yet rooted a Nexus 2013 because I still have to buy one. Was waiting for a sale and this week they sell for $199 (at Staples). So I will probably get it.