Help Nexus 7 Gallery - continual downloads


Help! For over a month my Nexus 7 appeared to be continually downloading photos from somewhere and has finally crashed. I just get a small thumbnail of the Gallery icon and nothing happens when I click on it.

Before it crashed I did unsync it from Picasa, and I have since deleted all my photos and disabled Currents. And it's still apparently downloading photos. Is there anything short of a total reset I can do to sort this out?:thinking:

John Bean

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You could try resetting the Gallery data. Go to Settings -> Apps -> All, scroll down to "Gallery", tap to show the info page and tap "Force stop", "Clear data" and "Clear cache" to ensure a clean restart. Then see what happens...

It's probably worth rebooting the tablet as well, just to be on the safe side.


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Thanks John - I have tried all of that. The Nexus still claims to be downloading pictures from somewhere in a completely random order (i.e. not numerically), but I can no longer open the Gallery - it's just a tiny thumbnail with a jagged line across it. I have uninstalled the Nexus Media Importer (which is where the trouble originally started). I don't have "sync to web" enabled in Picasa nor is the camera I took the pictures on "web enabled". I'll go and investigate Blogger next. Any sensible suggestions welcomed.