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What do you need to do (app?) to get live streaming to work on a Nexus 7?


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TV Portal in conjunction with the MX Player works very well - no stuttering - I guess because of the hardware acceleration by the MX Player. Watch the video on the Playstore's TV Portal page for details.


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That works great for movies and old tv shows, but I would like to view live events on web sites of my choice. Don't seem to be able to do that. Am I missing something?


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Which ones? The BBC for instance has bad support for Android but is slowly improving. But if it's a standard video stream and works on iPad, it's most likely html5 and should work on android just as well. You can try downloading mx player as suggested above, it handles streaming quite well in my experience.

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Just tried the live streaming passion one, using Boat Browser and Flash Plugin enabled. The page loads, I can start to play the video, but it buffers for an age and the loading circle never disappears. What does it do for you?

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