Nexus 7 Low Battery Life/On-Screen Time


Hey there! I'm new here; hope it's okay to post this. I searched around the forums but most of what I could find was related to Battery Drain while Idle.

I recently got a brand new 1st Gen Nexus 7. I didn't wait at all before updating it to 4.4.4, so I don't know how it behaved prior to it, but the battery life seems on the weak side.

I'm getting around 5 to 6 hours (mostly 5) of On-Screen time with some very light gaming but mostly web browsing or (non-HD) video playback.

The tablet doesn't drain when asleep (1% every ~8 hours?), no wakelocks.

I did a Factory Reset and Cache Wipe, Brightness is as low as it can go, all Syncs are off, nothing really running in the background, GPS off, Bluetooth off, WiFi on.

I've read around it should be lasting a bit longer (~ 8 hours?).
Could this be a faulty unit in some way, or is there anything else I could try?

Would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!


The main thing for killing the battery, besides bluetooth is the brightness of the screen. The brighter you have the screen the sooner it will die. You can tell if this is an issue if you turn it down low and the nexus stays cold, crank it up and the case begins to get quite hot. The thing is unless your in bright light and need a bright screen then your eyes will adjust to a dimmer screen by opening up the pupil and save you power.

I hope this helps. If you need to replace the battery I have a tutorial video telling you how I do it on my fixed1t youtube page, there is a Nexus 7 playlist of all kind of things.

I hope this helps