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Ive got a nexus 7 marshmallow that I want to root but don't no how to. Can any1 help please. Thanks

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I assume / presume that you've got a 2013 / 2nd-gen Nexus 7 (razor /razorg / deb / flo)?

If so:

If it's the 2012 / 1st-gen (nakasi / nakasig / grouper / tilapia):

Be sure you know which device you have.

Rooting a Nexus device pretty-much entails having an unlocked bootloader and then using a custom recovery to flash/install Chainfire's root .zip package. Unlocking the bootloader will wipe your device, by the way.

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First you need to not delete any system apps unless you know what they are for. Now download this..its recovery for your nexus 7. Use flashify to install it.

This file is a .IMG file place it on your external SD card or internal. now Google flashify and install it. you can use it to install the recovery. in flashify select option to install recovery... browse for it. not the download optio. once its installed you can power off and load up recovery and make a system backup. this post is now in the nexus 7 forums. ask one of the users here how to boot in to recovery via your nexus 7. usually power plus volume down key. but each device is different


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Power + volume down boots into bootloader mode. Then use the volume up/down buttons to select recovery and use the power button to execute.

I wouldn't touch king root especially on a Nexus. Yuck. You'll have to flash the factory image to get that spyware off of it and then root properly if you want stock rooted with SuperSU instead of King root. Or another option after flashing TWRP is a custom rom. I run Pure Nexus on my Nexus 7.
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It still ain't working. Could I have the wrong twrp or somthing
What version of TWRP are you using?

What error message do you get, is reported in the Elemental installer?

Also, which Elemental kernel variant are you trying to install as there are two to choose from, and they will need to match your ROM. Don't think this is what's causing the install issue but thought I'd mention it whilst here.
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5.08 elementalx
Ok, by Elemental variant I meant the AOSP or CM (caf) variant.

I think this is TWRP issue and installing the MM (Android 6.x) update with a MM ROM. There are a few posts in flar's thread on xda that suggest trying the multi-ROM TWRP which seems to work.

It's worthwhile starting on the last page of the thread and working backwards to see if it's the same issue you have.

(I'm still on LP ROM with Elemental at the moment.)