Help Nexus 7 Update from 4.2.1


OK, so here's my predicament. I recently acquired a refurbished 2012 Nexus 7 tablet from Walmart online. It was sold saying that it was a Wi-Fi only tablet, but it has an empty data roaming triangle where the bars would normally be - which leads me to believe that it's actually the 3G version. Everything was working great until the OS update popped up in my taskbar. I clicked it and all was fine and dandy until an error message popped up saying that there was an error with the update. It would start up and would get stuck at the 'X' loading screen. I wound up having to send it back in exchange for another one.

I got this other one and it is working.. for now. It has the same 'System Update Downloaded, Touch to Install' in the taskbar but I don't want to click it in fear of bricking this one too. I have tried using ADB Sideload to push a new version of Android to the device that way, but to no avail. I can send the file to the tablet but there is always an error that occurs and it cancels the installation. I've tried all of the consecutive versions of Android but none of them work.

Is there any way I can update this stupid thing?! :(

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First of all I'd confirm the exact model you have - look under settings->About... to make sure it's what you think it is. If you're happy that you have the right device go ahead with the OTA update; failures can happen but they're the exception not the rule.

It isn't clear exactly what you attempted with adb but I'd advise against meddling at this point. Just do the OTA and if it fails again return the device as faulty; if you attempt "unusual" measures you may cause yourself problems further down the line.

FWIW I have never had problems with N7 OTA updates although I did have issues with one for my Nexus 4. Like I said it can happen, but if it does it happen with a new device it should be a simple warranty claim for replacement.


The 3g version is easy to spot as it has the sim card slot on the side, the wifi only Nexus 7 has not such slot.