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Nexus better than Galaxy 2 S???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ahautographs, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. ahautographs

    ahautographs Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My buddy just got a nexus from Verizon and I got a galaxy s2 from tmobile. He seems to think that the nexus is superior because it is newer and has ice cream sandwich OS. Any thoughts? Is he right??:thinking:

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  2. andruoid

    andruoid Android Expert

    My personal opinion is the screen resolution is the only thing the Nexus Prime has over the S2X. The S2X screen is excellent anyway. Sure, the Nexus has ICS but we'll have it soon enough. Now that I have seen the 1080p video result from the S2X I couldnt go back to 720p. On that note, having 8GB+ of music and photos loaded I need more than the remaining 3GB to capture video when needed. I have a 32GB class 10 just for that purpose. Nexus is also on another carrier up here which I would not want to switch to.
  3. ahautographs

    ahautographs Newbie
    Thread Starter

    are we talking about the Samsung Nexus? I love my galaxy s 2 i just wanted to stick up for myself when he says his is "better" LOL We will get ICS soon? sweeet.
  4. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    If your phone works for you and does what you need, be happy. There will always be something coming out that is better in some ways. Just be glad you don't have to be on the Verizon network, voice quality isn't good, in fact it annoys me more than the pricing. Oh yeah, and you pay a lot less than your friend as well, so there is a plus right?
  5. Dumberdoor

    Dumberdoor Newbie

    By the time you get the Nexus, GS3 would've been released.

    Also, nexus has a shittier camera, and really the big difference is the ICS. You can always get skins to match or just wait for the S2's ICS update. Lastly, there's NO microSD card slot. No extra memory? Fck that shit.

    Also, if you really want to rub it in, tell your friend to get quadrant benchmark. You will see how S2 REALLY blows nexus away in performance. My T-mo S2 stock got a score over 4000. From what the internet has shown, nexus is stuck around 1700.
  6. rault18

    rault18 Member

    tmobile will be releasing the galaxy nexus on the first quarter of next year...ima hold on it and wait for the s3 ...the nexus rocks (international version) but battery sucks
  7. nateap87

    nateap87 Android Enthusiast

    I have both. Definitely personal preference. I actually found the nexus battery to last longer and screen much better. Also design IMO. Camera is better on the sgsII.

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