Help Nexus One Doesn't Recognize SIM anymore?


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Hi, I recently bought a rooted N1 off of ebay. I plugged my SIM in and everything worked fine all day yesterday. I went to sleep on my bed, with the N1 in my pocket, and when I woke up the phone was indicating that there was no SIM card in the phone. I rebooted the phone, and factory reset it, yet it still indicated that there was no SIM inside the phone. I put my SIM card in my wife's iPhone and the phone worked fine.

1) Could sleeping with it in my pocket have done this?
2) Did I just buy a dud off of Ebay? And if so, how is this possible because it worked all day yesterday?


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Try your wife's SIM. If it works, get the SIM replaced. SIM cards go after awhile and it could be that your wife's phone is more fault tolerant than the N1.