Nexus One Live Wallpaper on Evo???


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There's this video on youtube where a guy is going thru the Live Wallpapers on the EVO. The Nexus One live wallpaper is there. Unless you root your phone, I haven't seen this live wallpaper natively on an android phone besides the N1. I know theres 1 or 2 on the android market, but they don't look as good and as original. From this video, it looks to be the real deal. Can anyone else confirm that the N1 Live Wallpaper comes on the EVO? Or am I mistaken, and this is just the N1 live wallpaper downloaded from the market? Thanks!

YouTube - HTC EVO 4G Live Wallpapers -
they come on the evo and can run sense over them. As a matter of fact the first engadget posting about the evo showed the live wallpaper with the leaves on water running with sense on at the same time.


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i know live wallpapers are on there. i just want to know if the Nexus Live Wallpaper specifically is pre loaded on the EVO, or do you have to DL it from the market?


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That is awesome. Man I want this phone. lol

There was a live wallpaper in another thread showing live koi in a pond or water. Searched the market, but since I have the 2.1 Hero I guess it won't show up. Does anyone know where I can download it so I can save it for my hero.
hmmm, maybe we should create a Live Wallpaper thread.