May 16, 2011

My Nexus one is driving me nuts. Today I've turned on my phone and all the apps installed on the SD don't work and every time I try to run them it shows a message saying that the app is not installed on the phone.

When I try to go to the Market the screen goes blank and doesn't load up, coming back to the home screen.

If I go to settings->applications the screen starts to load all the apps installed and after a few seconds the screen freezes and androdi reboots.

I've not installed any app since a few weeks ago and haven't modified the settings.

Thanks in advance for you interest.
Sounds like a failing SD card. It could be something as simple as dirty contacts but I would back everything up immediately.

Take the SD card out of the phone and copy directly to PC (or Mac). Then reinsert the SD card and reboot the phone. If it works, it was just a bit of dirt on the contacts. If it doesn't, you'll want to replace it ASAP.
Thank you for your response.

And just backing up an reinserting the SD card I'll get rid of that dirty?, it sounds really simple!.

If I can back up the SD card, as I was able to accomplish that, don't you think my SD card is ok?.

Thank you again.
Memory devices can fail on many levels. The fact that you can copy files from a device doesn't necessarily mean it is working perfectly.

Sometimes the gold plated contacts on an SD card (or an expansion card) can get a slight bit of dirt between the contacts, especially if the contacts are dissimilar metals (gold and silver) leaving intermittent contact. Many times simply reseating the card will remedy the problem.
Do you think the best solution would be to replace the SD card after the back up?.

On the other hand, if I take out the SD card of the phone and try to go to the market it happens the same. When I click on the market it shows a withe screen and doesn't load up. Is that normal?, won't the market work till I replace the SD card?.

Thank you.