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Nexus One Review

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by phandroid, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. phandroid

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    With today being the big day for the launch of the anticipated Nexus One, Engadget was able to get their hands on a pre released unit and were wrote a full review on it. We are going to cover some of the basics but for their full review hit the link to check it [...]


  2. Timaphillips

    Timaphillips Android Enthusiast

    My favorite quote...as a Droid user of course :).

    "What it made us realize, however, is that an Android phone is really better off with a keyboard, and we were longing to get back to the Droid a number of times while using this device."

    ...even though I NEVER use the hard keyboard. Still, a win is a win, nonetheless.

    It's also a bit disappointing that 2.1 isn't looking like anything too dramatic over 2.0.1. Maybe for everyone running 1.6 it'll be an improvement.
  3. Big D

    Big D Well-Known Member

    I thought the same thing when I read the review :D

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