Root Nexus one Superuser (new user)


HI everyone
I had root my nexus one using the newest version of SuperOneClickv2.3.3 from shortfuse, and I also updated my superuser. However, when I go into superuser, non of my app is on the app list and when I tried to update binary SU, app reply saying is can't gain root access. Any idea???


just restarted the phone and superuser "downgrade" itself back to the last known version???
I also try unrooting on super one click, however, it just froze when it try to uninstall superuser.

please help, this problem have been bugging me for ages espically when phone internet in office require using port meaning requiring a wokring rooted andriod phone (really weak, non useable 3G...)


Hi, Alex33, and welcome to the forums.

I've moved your post here to the Nexus One ATR forum so you can get better exposure to your question from other Nexus One users.

Good luck, an I hope you get it all sorted out!