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Nexus One UI

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Doit2it, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So is the Nexus One user interface going to be the default interface for all Android 2.1 phones (5 screens, animated backgrounds, etc) or is it an exclusive UI for the Nexus One (ie-Sense UI on some HTC phones)?

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  2. FLT

    FLT Well-Known Member

    It's a GOOGLE phone with a GOOGLE OS why would they put Sense on it?

    "Here's our brand new GOOGLE phone but we've put HTC's Sense on it because we don't like our own UI" ? :rolleyes:
  3. OP means eg not ie. He's not saying they're putting Sense on it.

    To my understanding, the UI on the N1 is default Android 2.1 but I could be wrong.
  4. FLT

    FLT Well-Known Member

    It's idd just the standard 2.1 :)

    But when the Bravo/ Passion will be released (most likely with Sense) it's only a matter of time before a custom rom will come :)
  5. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, yes, that's what i was asking. But if this is the "Google Phone" and they are responsible for everything on the inside, it may be a special "brew" of android for the Google branded phone. Of course we have also heard that the "Google phone" will have the "new" Android, and that we haven't seen the "true" Android yet, so maybe this is 2.1. I guess we'll have to wait and see when a "plain jane" 2.1 Android phone other than the Nexus One comes out, or when another phone (Moto Droid perhaps) is officially upgraded to 2.1.

  6. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Android Enthusiast

    I'd like to believe google will put their own spin of senseUI on their phone. Simply because it's theirs doesn't preclude them from modifying from the "default" OS.
  7. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    See, that's why I asked the question. That was my thinking exactly. I guess we'll just have to WAIT till another true 2.1 phone is seen in the wild.
  8. Y314K

    Y314K Well-Known Member

    This is the new HTC Rosie...


    I hope there is a hybrid created between the Rosie & Nexus...

    This Rosie might only be for the non SnapDragon HTC phones... Not sure.. Cause it doesn't seem to take advantage of some of the new features on the Nexus One UI... :cool:
  9. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yea, I saw those today. If that's where HTC Sense UI is heading, count me out. Like most comments I read in the posts, I don't like the bubbles either. Blech!
  10. Levitate

    Levitate Newbie

    I really want an android sense ui to come out with an animated weather background like the sense ui on the HD2... does anyone know if this is happening?
  11. Markdental

    Markdental Member

    Very unlikely in the Nexus One as it will not be Branded HTC.
  12. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Android Enthusiast

  13. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Android Enthusiast

    Those people who think Nexus1 will somehow be inferior to htc devices because it lacks SenseUI are missing one important point. Google wants N1 to demonstrate what Android is capable of when it is ideally integrated with applications and hardware. Google wants/needs to show the OS at its very best in this device if it has any chance of being the "iPhone-killer" Google is hoping it to be.
    It's entirely likely that it will run smoother and look better than any previous version of the OS we've seen - senseUI or not - and Google certainly has had the time and resources to do it.
  14. kafkef

    kafkef Well-Known Member

    5 minute video showing all/most of the menus.. here!
  15. cdmta

    cdmta Well-Known Member

    Having the droid, i really like vanilla android. don't hate me, but sense isn't all that to me. i think i would get bored and disable anyways.
    -one other major advantage would be getting updates faster, not having to wait for htc to integrate it with sense.

    looks like 2.1 vanilla android will please me even more. bring it
  16. cdmta

    cdmta Well-Known Member

    who the hell would pay 3,500 for a domain name?
    stupid squatters
  17. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Android Enthusiast

    depends on how well you can exploit an opportunity.

    It's entirely possible $3.5k is a smokin' deal.
  18. black743

    black743 Newbie

    I like that wallpaper....anyone have it?
  19. kafkef

    kafkef Well-Known Member

  20. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Android Enthusiast

    If this "Nexus One Rom" that comes with the Nexus one is the default Android 2.1 ROM, does that mean when my Sprint Hero gets the 2.1 update, I can just turn off SenseUI to get Nexus One's ROM?
  21. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Android Enthusiast

  22. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    2.1 is native for Android. Any phone getting 2.1 will have the same. From my understanding, only Google Experience phones will be getting 2.1 as long as their CPU can handle it, e.g. DROID. HTC phones with Sense will not be getting this OS. For that matter, Sense hasn't even been properly mated to 2.1. HTC has been working on getting Sense mated to 2.0.

    OS 2.1 was meant for pure Google Experience phones. Likely any other HTC phone, already running Sense will get Sense mated to 2.0 which is what those screenshots were. And yes, it's very iPhone-ish, especially the way you add apps to the screen, where the icon bubbles move around and stuff.
  23. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    From the same guy who in one post has Verizon first getting an unlocked Nexus One (which made no sense) to getting a locked one.
    Yeah they haven't mated Sense with 2.1, this rom is just a figment of someone's imagination HTC Hero gets a leaked Android 2.1 ROM with Sense -- Engadget.
    Of course this also must be why Sprint is giving its Hero a 2.1 upgrade Sprint’s skipping Android 2.0 and giving the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment 2.1 | Google Android Blog.
    You seriously need to research before you post.
  24. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Android Enthusiast


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