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Nexus One

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shamrock11, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. shamrock11

    shamrock11 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    First I heard from numerous sources that the Nexus One is comming to Sprint in the near future. Is this true because if it is I will return my Samsung Moment (still have 30 days). Second, if the Nexus One isn't comming to Sprint any time soon, is there a Nexus One ROM for rooted devices? If so can someone please post a link along with their post? Thanks:D

  2. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Android Enthusiast

    VERY nice specs on that phone but no physical keyboard kills it for me :(

    **EDIT Maybe, it has a 3.7" screen so that extra real estate might make for a nice on-screen keyboard.
  3. shamrock11

    shamrock11 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Uhm didnt as for specs or your opinion?
  4. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Android Enthusiast

    What were you expecting in a MOMENT forum?

    The only thing in your post even related to the Moment is the fact that you own one and are within 30 days. Why don't you try going to a forum with people that actually have the phone and can answer this particular set of questions?

    Nexus One Forum - Google Phone Forum
  5. chibucks

    chibucks Android Enthusiast

    only thing i've read so far for sure is that it's coming to t-mobile. other than that, not too many people know... plus, i would think there would be some difficulty with sprint's cdma...
  6. toefer

    toefer Member

    It's confirmed to be coming to Verizon in the spring, so when that happens it'll work on Sprint.
  7. mysticmead

    mysticmead Android Expert

    Verizon announced in 2007 that they were changing to GSM. their parent company is Vodafone which is GSM.. they keep buying cell companies that are GSM.. now, does that tell you Verizon might be getting the Nexus One in the Spring of 2010 (as announced) because they might be using GSM by then? that's what it tells me...
  8. kahale

    kahale Android Enthusiast

    no way in hell verizon is going gsm in 10. that's just isn't possible. the nexus one will be both gsm and cdma compatible. if verizon and tmobile is getting it i don't see why sprint can't get it too. tho i think sprint is getting something better or equal too this. bravo anyone?
  9. fopp

    fopp Newbie

    i hope when the CDMA version comes out they offer it unlocked so i can put one on sprint
  10. njbianco

    njbianco Android Enthusiast

    Sprint only allows sprint branded phones on there network
  11. dream_phyre

    dream_phyre Newbie

    You can't used unlocked phones with sprint. So unless sprint offers it themselves or they decide to change their policies I wouldnt worry too much about picking this phone up.
  12. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Android Enthusiast

    Yup, if it didn't have a Sprint brand out of the factory it isn't getting activated unless you can find a way to spoof the ESN.
  13. fopp

    fopp Newbie

    thats so ghey, i mean come on even VERIZON lets you use unlocked phones
  14. pizzachef

    pizzachef Member

    What do you mean Nexus ROM? It runs Android 2.1. The only thing special about the Nexus One is the hardware. It runs Android just like the Moment (well, just like the Moment WILL run when its updated).

    And I wouldnt hold your breath for it coming to Sprint.
  15. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie

    - By the time the Nexus gets to Verizon, there will likely be another even more desirable phone on the horizon. If you keep waiting for the perfect device, you'll never buy a thing!
    - There won't be a Nexus One rom per se, we are already getting 2.1.
    - Verizon is NOT switching to GSM! They are moving to LTE for their 4G which is GSM based and eventually cell phones will just use one data standard for voice and data as opposed to todays separate voice(GSM, CDMA) and data (EVDO,HSDPA etc). This will take years to accomplish. I'm not an expert on this, maybe someone more knowlegeable will have better info.
    - If Google markets a open CDMA version of the Nexus, it could work on Sprint if they choose to allow it. The initial info seems to indicate that Verizon might subsidize the phone like t-mobile. Even if Sprint were to allow it on their network, you would be paying $550+ for the phone unless they choose to subsidize too.

    The Nexus is the hot phone of the moment(!), but isn't earth shattering. It really seems to have pissed off the Droid owners who only get a month or so as the Big Fish. Once the applicable phones like the Moment get 2.1, there won't be nearly as much drooling over the Nexus. The speed and screen size differences aren't enough to make the Nexus's usable lifespan significantly longer than the Moment, Droid or even the Hero. For me, the lack of a hard keyboard is a no starter anyway. I've tried my fair share of soft keyboards and text entry schemes over the years and I don't like them one bit.
  16. PiggyGirl

    PiggyGirl Member

    I've been watching a bunch of Nexus One videos, and while for a minute I thought I was falling in love with it, to the point of seriously considering leaving Sprint, I now think I'm really infatuated with 2.1. I really, really hope it runs similarly on the Moment, and specifically the speech to text, which may render all keyboards completely useless. Anyways, it's very exciting, and I'm very glad I went with Android. And I think I'll stick with Sprint considering 10 months from now I'll qualify for a full upgrade anyway. :)
  17. evilbeef54

    evilbeef54 Well-Known Member

    I was told from the google employee who let me play with their nexus for a few hours that it will NOT. Be on sprint
  18. gentlefury

    gentlefury Android Enthusiast

    I was actually thinking about this as well. I remember them mentioning they were looking into next gen GSM for the 4G network. I haven't heard anything about that in a long while tho. I could see that happening, but I don't think it will.

    More likely they will just add a CDMA radio into the VZW Nexus....maybe global phone....maybe just CDMA.
  19. solidkevin

    solidkevin Android Enthusiast

  20. ramiss

    ramiss Well-Known Member

    That and the face plate of the Nexus looks surprisingly like the Moment without the buttons. Look at the speaker grill and the grey/silver border.
  21. Windiddy

    Windiddy Lurker

    Nexus 1 is NOT coming to Sprint anytime soon sorry. You better return your moment. Tmobile is only $180 plus 80$/month 2 years plan.
  22. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    Rendering keyboards useless will never happen. I'm never going to voice text messages or emails in the middle of a crowd. Would definitely come in handy in the car to have voice capabilities be more efficient.

    In regards to the Nexus, it is an HTC phone, and even if Sprint doesn't get the Nexus, I'm sure a gen 2 Hero will be quite comparable. I don't think Sprint would have it any other way. Depending on the time frame, the 2nd gen Hero could possibly have better specs than the Nexus or just benefit from a few more months in R&D.


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