Help Nexus restarting and reactivating by itself?


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Hey guys, I noticed that my phone is restarting by itself and then it comes back up it says 'Activation Complete' and I hit 'next' like when you first got the phone and then everything is back to normal (until it happens again). I have not noticed any ghost dialing or anything like that. It seems to happen when I go into an area or poor/no coverage, about once a day.

I am on rooted on CNA with franco kernal - version 4.0.3 with the 4.0.3 radios. I know, a lot of factors here that could be causing the issue but was just wondering if anyone had the same thing happen to them and or what it might be.

Tim K

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It could be "ghost dialing" and you don't notice it. Sounds like that is what its doing. If the phone can't get a signal (you say you are in an area with no signal?) the phone will try to update its PRL (*22899). I had it happen when Verizon had that outage back in December.

Also, a few people have reported this happening regularly without losing signal... so it could be a phone or SIM problem as well.