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Nexus S 4G and Ice Cream Sandwich?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bamhm182, May 22, 2011.

  1. bamhm182

    bamhm182 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So at Google I/O, they said something about a new Nexus phone with Ice Cream Sandwich on it coming in Q4 2011. Since they're coming out with a new Nexus phone, does this mean the Nexus S 4G won't support Ice Cream Sandwich? I'm new to Android and have no idea how the updates work, so sorry if this is a stupid question. Just curious of the phone I just spent $310 on will be no longer supported by the end of the year. >_<

    I also heard things about the Nexus S 4G being an official Google device. What exactly does this mean for us Nexus S 4G users? Only thing I can think of is that it's directly supported by Google, and thus won't need to wait for carriers to port the newest AndroidOS to their liking, then release it, which I've heard can take forever. Am I correct in this assumption?

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  2. azman

    azman Newbie

    The nexus ONE is still supported.

    Being a google phone means it's supported by google. No waiting for sprint to slowly or maybe never to roll out updates. The updates go to these phones first.

    Will the Nexus S get ice cream I would wager a large sum saying yes.
  3. Yes, the Nexus S will get ICS. They even said it will be optimized to run on single core phones. Should be a dual core Nexus end of the year
  4. bamhm182

    bamhm182 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Tasty! ^_^ :p

    Thanks for the info, I assumed we'd be getting the update, just wanted to make sure.
  5. Kimo19

    Kimo19 Newbie

    thank goodness for being a vanilla phone... I think it was actually samsung that wanted to have people pay for software upgrades ( from Eclair to Froyo ) on their sets.

    Generally, HTC is pretty quick with their updates. Motorola is pretty quick too. LG and Samsung lagged behind a bunch.

    Just something we won't have to worry about.
  6. V425

    V425 Android Enthusiast

    Another thing that official Google means is that wifi hotspot/tethering is free
  7. bamhm182

    bamhm182 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That's pretty awesome. I saw the wifi and usb tethering options, but I didn't know if Sprint charged for us to use them. I used them a little bit, then I was planning on waiting for the next bill to come to see if I was charged an arm and a leg for doing it. How certain are you that it's free?
  8. V425

    V425 Android Enthusiast

    On other phones the feature is disabled by sprint software unless you pay the monthly fee for the service, but this phone has no sprint software to block its use. My guess is its no different than people who have rooted other phones to get it free.
  9. bamhm182

    bamhm182 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Awesome. Thanks. ^_^ I was pleasantly surprised with how well tethering worked. On my blackberry, I used PDAnet, and it was INCREDIBLY slow. Then again, the network even on the blackberry itself was very slow. The Nexus S 4G blows my old blackberry out of the water, even though they're both 3G for me. (Blackberry wasn't 4G. There's no 4G here for my Nexus.)
  10. AndroidifyMe

    AndroidifyMe Android Expert

    They always clear out with a new phone to show off the new OS. Sort of a silly question to ask. The S and One will be updated as well.
  11. viber

    viber Android Enthusiast

    One has to wonder if Ice Scream will launch with a new phone or will Google simply upgrade the Nexus S and Nexus 1.

    On some level, launching a new Nexus phone doesn't make sense considering the Nexus S 4G is a few weeks old, and the GSM model wont hit the 1 year mark till December.

    Should Google wait till December? With a new iPhone and WP7 Mango, waiting that long might not be the best idea.
  12. TheBlackPrince

    TheBlackPrince Well-Known Member

    Definitely expect an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. I'll bet that even the Nexus One will get ICS.
  13. AndroidifyMe

    AndroidifyMe Android Expert

    The Nexus S 4G just has 4G. Its not a new phone. You have to realize Sprint will try to take advantage with every high end phone & make it a 4G phone. The Nexus S period came out in Dec. This does not bother the Nexus S 4G. Remember Sprint was going to get the N1 but debunked. Ice Cream will launch on a new Nexus phone. The N1 & NS/4G will also get the update. I think people are panicking. The Nexus line revives every Dec-Jan. This is common. Whatever carrier has a Nexus S phone now will most likely get the next version & so on. Nexus S & S4G are the same phone. Differ radios. Only time they really differ is rom purposes.
  14. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    Ice Cream Sandwich to launch next week, month or year????
    Nope. Sammy and Google are waiting for the release of the new Nexus before we will see ICS.
    These arseholes will find anything to prolong the release but what else is new? LOL nada

    We should take a pole on the release date and whoever gets it right wins a new Nexus phone?
    Just 1 phone for the earliest guess...???
  15. bamhm182

    bamhm182 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Just a few days before I leave for Basic Military training. I don't know if I should be grateful because I'll be able to play with it for a few days before I leave or upset because I'll only have a few days. >_<
  16. petem

    petem Lurker

    im wondering what button they are planing to use for the functions.. since the NS4G has the standard 4 at the bottom.. and ICS from what i have seen has the 3 that gingerbread has on the tablets.. they are going to have to reassign atleast one.. and im going to guess it's the second from the left.. the "setup" button.. either way.. im glad the NS4G is getting ICS.. that way ill have the exact same OS on all devices.. the Moto XOOM at home should get it.. and the ASUS transformer at work should get it.. and once the NS4G gets it ill be in android heaven...
  17. dabolina

    dabolina Lurker

    Still no exact date from Google on when Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) will be coming to the Google/Samsung Nexus S phone; word on the street is still in "weeks". But here's a good review of the newest version of the phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) with ICS. Has detailed description of the new ICS features. Can't wait to get it on my phone Nexus S.
    (Forum won't let me post a link, you can check it out on theverge dot com).
  18. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    Well we know for sure it will not be released until after the new Nexus us released. I read 12/17/11
    So I would not expect to see it until 2012.

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