Nexus S 4G is now a free phone!


>_< just paid 199 yesterday. well I guess thats on a new contract but looks like it's 149 on existing from wirefly


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Man, I just paid $310 for it the other day! >_< Albiet $110 of that was to cancel my old line and the $200 was what I actually paid. Oh well, I'm happy with my phone. ^_^


so a few questions, I've never gone through anyone but sprint:

- if I buy through Amazon, do I keep my corporate discount?
- if I buy through Amazon, do I still have to select my current options on my plan (


I'm also curious about corporate discounts. I was planning on buying the Nexus S at the local store and would be able to apply for the University discount. Can the discount be applied for later? The monthly savings add up :)


Looks like the $49 deal is if you're a new subscriber. Can't hurt to simply call up amazon and see if they'll credit your account.

As for whether you get to keep your corporate discount, yes you do. I ordered my Nexus through Amazon Wireless on Monday and just got my phone tonight. To activate the phone I had to call up Sprint and they made sure that everything on my plan stayed the same (except for that crappy $10 smart phone charge that Sprint applies now).

This is a neat little thing. I'll have to figure out how to use it now.