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Nexus S, AT&T, Negri, Excellent!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by easyrotor, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Apr 23, 2011

    Apr 23, 2011
    As I am one who uses these forums to make buying decisions, it's payback time. Thanks to all who post here, it is fun and useful all at the same time. Below is my experience with buying a AT&T Nexus from Negri Electronics. One qualifying thing though: I am an old dude, 62, so my views will be somewhat different then the younger posters here who would seem to be the majority.

    We are currently on AT&T family plan and I have tried all the rest with inferior results although Sprint was every good. The need to tether occasionally as well as wanting the new next best Android phone brought me to this forum as well as many others and the the Nexus S seemed to stand out as the one for me. There are so many good reviews on this phone, it seems pointless to add one more. This phone is superb. However, as this phone is not available at that many places, it can seem a bit scary to buy right now.

    I ordered my black version of this phone from Negri last Sunday and it shipped from Florida (not Vegas) on Monday and was in Worcester, MA on Wednesday morning. It was $589 with free FedEx ground shipping. I used Google check out as the Amazon checkout tried to charge me another $10 shipping. The IMEI sticker behind the battery is in Spanish and when I try to register the phone on the Samsung site it says that the IMEI is not valid. My best guess abouth this is that this is an imported phone not meant for the American market. I am positive it is a genuine Samsung Nexus S.

    I popped my AT&T SIM card in and the phone was up and working without a glitch. I called Customer Service from the phone and added the $25 2GB data plan to my line only. They did not ask me for my phone type or IMEI and I did not offer to tell them. I asked if I could upgrade on a monthly basis to the 4GB tethering plan when I needed to and back to the 2GB plan without a charge other than the extra $20 for month(s) I stay on the 4GB plan and they said no problem. My experience with AT&T in the last 5 years has been positive. They are not the same terrible people to deal with as way back when... I find they go out of their way to say yes to my every request. Yeah, it costs more.

    I am pretty sure that 2GB will cover my needs for email and the occasional download. I just tried to tether my laptop and it worked with no problem and it even seemed to be a decent speed connection. I don't stream videos other than an occasional Utube.

    The Google experience has been a good one so far and I have not found anything I can't do. You can wait to for AT&T to bring this phone out but I would be not be surprised if they cripple it. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them but if this is what you want, go for it.




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