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Nexus S i9020a ICS Reverted back to Gingerbread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bruce081, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. bruce081

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    I have a Nexus S on Kodoo. Its i9020a. I took ICS update. And phone was lagging and not connecting half the time. So I followed a walkthrough on here how to unlock and revert back to Gingerbread. I was new at this... and little did i know the file wasnt for i9020a. So heres my problem... My phone boots up and is now back to Gingerbread. But No Service. So can I do anything to fix this. Before going ahead with the Gigerbread. I took a backup. I tryed to restore with that. But it told me MD5 mismatched. What can I do. My phone is now an expensive paperweight!!!

    This is the process I did:

    How to Unistall ICS and go back to Gingerbread
    Note: *this method involves rooting and technically voids your warranty (and carries a slight risk which neither I nor Phandroid/Android Forums or anyone else on the forums can be held accountable).

    Here is how I unistalled ICS and went back to Gingerbread.

    Unlock the bootloader and install a stock recovery img:

    Go here and download the android-sdk, place it in the root of your computers c: drive (not in programs)

    Open the SDK Manager.exe - leave the Android SDK Tools unchecked (should already be installed) and check Android SDK Platform Tools. After you are done updating, close the Android SDK Manager.

    Download recovery-clockwork- from here
    Place the .img file in your C:\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools folder.

    1.Shutdown the phone
    2.Hold down volume up + power
    3.Now you are in the standard recovery mode
    4. Plug in your phone via USB
    5. On your computer press start ----> run and type cmd to open a command window.
    6. Type cd /
    hit enter.
    7. Type cd Android/android-sdk/Platform-tools
    hit enter.

    Assuming you have SDK installed with fastboot now on terminal/windows or Windows cmd depending on OS type "fastboot devices" to check your device can be seen via USB

    5.Assuming you device is seen via fastboot devices, now type fastboot oem unlock
    hit enter

    6.Accept ... and new bootloader is unlocked. Your phone should now ask you if you want to unlock the bootloader.

    After your bootloader is unlocked, go back to the cmd prompt on your computer and type: fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
    hit enter

    On your phone scroll down to recovery and select it (using the volume and power keys), it should reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0

    Go back to your computer and download the stock Gingerbread from here

    Open the file with winzip, and click the first file called: Stock-2.3.2-GRH78C-Nandroid to open the folder called: clockworkmod

    Extract that folder (clockworkmod) to your desktop

    Return to your phone and scroll to mounts and storage, then to mount USB storage.

    Open your computer and navigate to your android folder, mine is Removable Disk H:

    Copy the clockworkmod folder to your sd card

    on your phone click unmount, then click +++++Go Back+++++

    Then click backup and restore

    Select Restore

    Then select file: 2011-02-

    ---Your phone should then install good old gingerbread! -----

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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    The ICS update worked fine on my phone, but I didn't like the look of the messaging app, the emoticons are small and ugly, the text is too faint. The notification area for 3G data is too faint as it's black on black/blue signal strength bars (duh). And why is the messaging app green when the other icons are blue? (duh again). Also there are some font sizing issues with some widgets even after the widgets are updated for ICS - don't know if that's an Android or Widget issue but it sucks. Overall speed should be better due to hardware acceleration, but it's only a little snappier, and some apps are actually slower responding than GB. Some of the things related to phone and text is annoying as well...this is a smartPHONE with the emphasis on phone. If I find the phone annoying to use for texting or calling, then the rest of the smart features don't mean much to me. I want a phone first, then some smarts.
    I like the blue colour theme better, but I don't like how them implemented them. I gave it a few weeks to see if I could tolerate it, but nope, I've gone back to GB v2.3.6 and I'm happier with it. The process I used was similar except instead of doing a restore with an old backup file, I simply opted to wipe data, cache, dalvik, and then installed GB v2.3.6 directly. Gave me a like new start and I set it up the way I wanted it again.

    I feel good with my phone working better now.
    PS - if google releases an update to correct many of these issues, I'll give it a try again. But for now I'm passing on ICS as it stands.

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