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Nexus S not charging, suggestions please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by markdots, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. markdots

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    My Nexus S has experienced what i consider a very rare event since i can't seem to find any mention of it happening to someone before.

    I was charging my nexus S a few days ago and when i went to remove the charge it was as if it was stuck in the port, i eventually got it out and thought nothing of it,

    When i went to charge it that night the phone would not charge, upon inspecting the charger there was a burn mark on the tip of the charger connection. I tried the phone out with other chargers and none of them worked. When looking at the phone i realised that the usb connector smelt burnt. In order to diagnose the problem further i charged my battery in another phone and when i went to turn it on it worked without any problems.

    I then brought it to a carrier store who then sent it to a repair centre. The phone has now come back and has been classified as water damaged, I am 100% certain it is not water damaged and has been misdiagnosed. What should i do, im considering contact samsung directly but i am not sure if they handle any forms of repairs of warranty claims such as this.

    Open to suggestions

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