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nexus s video recording problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by megiddo627, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. megiddo627

    megiddo627 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    on my nexus s with the latest OTA, no matter what I can't seem to record video without the video stuttering, audio out of sync.

    can anyone please help me before I ship it to samsung. the video skips seconds, not just frames, and the audio is horribly out of sync.

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  2. lapyro14

    lapyro14 Lurker

    did you ever sort your problem ? my nexus s does the same thing and has done throughout 3 software versions. ive lost epic moments caught on camera due to this...another trick my nexus s likes to play on me is shooting the video in portrait mode when im holiding the phone landscape so when i watch it back it ends up sideways.
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  3. seb_renaud

    seb_renaud Lurker

    I took the time to register to this forum just in case someone with a clue at Google sees this.

    My videos taken with the Nexus S systematlcally skip and sometimes loose sync. It seems that it has become worst with the amount of apps and running processes. It certainly feels like a software issue where there is not enough priority given to the video capture thead. Note to Android developpers: when I shoot a video, I CARE ABOUT NOTHING ELSE. I will not even take a call. Would it be possible to freeze any non essential process and ensure that the video capture works. For a company that owns the "Broadcast Yourself" trademark and dares put their name on my phone and automatically upload my videos, I would expect a device that can actually CAPTURE properly.

    Please take the time to post if you experience the same problems.
  4. chuckdugan

    chuckdugan Lurker

    Same problems here. Playback goes slow motion then audio out of sync. Also flips the video sometimes. Pain in the derri
  5. francoisp

    francoisp Lurker

    I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, I went into "Manage Apps" and simply cleared data on the Camera app. I was able to record a few video clips without any shuttering, frame skips or out-of-sync audio. Hope this works for you all !

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