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Nexus S vs Optimus 2x

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Kill2Fill, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Kill2Fill

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    All I'm really going to be doing is texting, calling, browsing and playing games. Which phone out of these two would be best for my uses? I won't be doing really heavy for now but I prolly will in the future. I will be on a 3 year contract so I would like something futureproof.

    Another option I have is to get Samsung Galaxy Gio for $99 and keep it until maybe next christmas when more dualcore phones will be released. I might even keep it longer if it's OK and I can root and customize it.

    A high end phone doesn't really fit my uses but since it is only $50 for Nexus and $100 for LG it doesn't seem that bad. Also I like to play around with my stuff and am thinking of rooting and playing around with my phone a lot. That's really why I chose android.

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  2. If it was me I would personally go for the Nexus. (I had my LG Brake on me within 3 days of use) Then again that is my opinion and the LG may be a great choice for you

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