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NexusMod Live Wallpaper: Great, customizable live wallpaper (2.1+)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Cheech1356, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Now I don't know about all of you, but when I first got the 2.1 upgrade on my DROID, one of the first things I did was explore the new found addition of live wallpapers. However, initially I didn't come across much that caught my eye...that is until I stumbled upon NexusMod 2.0. Now, you may be wondering, "Why is it called Nexus mod?" The reason behind it is due to the popularity of the original live wallpaper that came loaded on the Nexus, pictured here:
    [​IMG] (Taken from DailyMobile.se)

    The DROID 2.1 update came baring the "Neural Network" live wallpaper, which is virtually the same as the aforementioned Nexus live wallpaper, but is all red.

    And while the Nexus original and the Neural Network live wallpapers are fine and well, the color schemes are a little boring, IMHO.

    So without further adieu, let's delve into the NexusMod 2.0 app!

    Start by searching NexusMod 2.0 in the Android Market:

    Once installed, long press somewhere on your home screen, select wallpapers>live wallpapers & scroll down until you see NexusMod 2.0 and then select it.

    Once NexusMod is selected and set as your wallpaper, long press again, go to wallpaper, and now you should see an option above gallery which reads "Configure..."

    The configure option pertains only to the NexusMod 2.0 live wallpaper, and will allow you to choose from several customization options.

    The first option you'll see is entitled "Color Schemes." This option lets you choose from pre-loaded color schemes that come with the app.

    Option two is "Custom Colors" which allows you to choose four of your own color options. This is definitely the coolest part of the app for me.
    [​IMG] Yes...I am a Lakers fan ;)

    The third option, "Background", allow you to choose the back drop on which your nexus lines to run across.

    In my case, this is how it all came together:

    Overall, this is an excellent app. I give it a 9/10; it could gain that 1 point if given the options to choose black & white for custom colors. Other than that minor flaw, it runs smoothly, is very customizable, and looks fantastic. Check it out & thanks for reading my review!



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