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NFC tags. What do "you" use them for?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. KeyserSoze

    KeyserSoze Newbie

    Thank you. I will try those next. I'm not sure if it's the tagland tags or the fact that I haven't reset my S3 after trying out a ton of crap when I got it (I think there are 5 launchers currently installed :rolleyes:) but if my tags still only work half the time AFTER I hard reset I'll try RapidNFC for sure.

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  2. grimlocks

    grimlocks Lurker

    i'm using nfc task launcher to set the tags.

    Does anyone know if you can set the sound the phone makes when it actually registers the tags?
  3. jaydee77ca

    jaydee77ca Well-Known Member

    This is getting a bit off topic but take a look at Llama. It uses the cell towers to determine where you are and drive location profiles and trigger events.

    I am using it right now to:
    • Turn WiFi on and connect to my home network when I get home
    • Turn WiFi off when I leave home
    • Turn my ringer to silent when I get to work
    • Turn my ringer to normal volume when I leave work
    Obviously because it's using cell towers it can't do fine grained things at different locations inside my house or work (or things where the location changes a lot - like in the car), but that's why I ordered some NFC tags too! :)
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  4. Lembasts

    Lembasts Newbie

    I have read through this thread and I wanted to make sure I understand this thing correctly...
    The NFC Task Launcher can write a list of tasks to a writeable tag. Multiple phones can then read this tag and perform the tasks.
    NFC re-tag simply reads the ID and you program on your local phone what to do when that ID is read. Therefore a different phone touching that tag wont do what your phone does.
    At first glance, if you only have one phone, then re-tag has all the advantages namely:
    - I dont really need to buy loads of tags if i can find leftovers (price tags etc)
    - I wont be caught out if someone reprograms a tag (i know you can set it to do not write)
    Are there any things that the launcher can do that re-tag couldnt?
    Also, how are the tag IDs managed - can we be sure there are no duplicates?

  5. silentwitness

    silentwitness Android Expert

    i have setup 2 tags so far one in my car which does the following
    1)disables my lock screen
    2)disables wifi
    3)enables bluetooth
    4)Enables car dock mode
    5)changes screen brightness to full.

    second tag at home does the following
    1) enables wifi and auto connects to my phone network
    2) Changes screen brightness to min
    3) Disables car dock mode.
  6. djrobinn

    djrobinn Lurker

    AND unlocked.. i.e. the pattern lock, face recognition, etc. should be entered before a tag can be 'read'... if the phone screen is off... it won't work.
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  7. Tagsfordroid

    Tagsfordroid Newbie

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  8. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    I'm not sure I get the need for these NFC tags for personal use. Why not just have a tasker widget on a homescreen for each mode (such as car, work, etc)? That way you can get into the mode from anywhere and you wouldn't have to find the tiny tag and touch it precisely. You would have to unlock the phone anyway, right?

    I can see business applications. For example, touch your phone to a tag on a poster and it would load up a website on your phone. Let's say a store would have a tag next to each item and you'd get a nice sales pitch on it. Or at a kiosk in a trade show.
  9. NJRonbo

    NJRonbo Android Enthusiast

    Been using NFC TASK LAUNCHER for the past month. Definitely more options than the Samsung app (especially in creating a "Switch") and the developer has been extremely helpful every time I have emailed him.

    That being said, I find the NFC LAUNCHER to work mostly well, though a bit buggy at times.

    I have created a GOOD NIGHT and GOOD MORNING switch. As you would expect, one turns everything off and puts my phone in airplane mode so I don't get disturbed at night. The other turns everything back on.

    However, one of the things I find it doesn't do well is open and close apps.

    I use AMBIANCE as a sleep machine and use the NFC tag to launch it in GOOD NIGHT and close it in GOOD MORNING. It launches in GOOD NIGHT but doesn't close (nor turn off) in GOOD MORNING. So, it's not perfect.

    Also, sometimes the switch gets confused. Instead of going in switch order, it will pull up GOOD MORNING before it does GOOD NIGHT. And once in a while, a swipe across the phone causes both switches to work at the same time -- one after the other.
  10. andygoodchild

    andygoodchild Lurker

    Hi Scrabby,

    Any chance you could let me know how you managed to use that combination to set driving mode? I just can't seem to see how it's done! I have NFC Task Launcher and Tasker, but am not sure about the Driving widget???!? :eek: :thinking:
  11. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You

    Not necessarily, there is a work around, albeit for rooted users, but yes, for a stock phone you need to have the display active and not locked.
  12. okc_smoker

    okc_smoker Lurker

    I'm a little confused about one aspect of how NFC tags work. If I put a tag in my car dock to trigger "car mode", will it automatically come out of car mode when I remove the phone or will I have to manually do that (or have another tag to do it)?
  13. rvenes

    rvenes Lurker

    If you are waiting for your NFC tags now, and just want to test it... you can use your passport if it's some what new.

    Nokia N9 NFC "reads" passport chip - YouTube

    Works with NFC ReTAG since it just reads the ID of the NFC chip.
  14. tcope

    tcope Well-Known Member

    It is not automatically triggered. Each time you place the phone near the tag (starting with the phone being away from the tag) it will perform the action. But the tag can also be a switch. This means it does one thing the first time and another thing the next. Rinse and repeat. So if the tag was set up as a switch, you'd need to move it away from the tag and then back again for it to perform another action.
  15. jeffreythomas

    jeffreythomas Lurker

    I don't personally have the nfc tag phone yet but having just ordered one, I thought of a few basic ideas that I would like to use mine for.

    Inside my car- turn off wifi, turn on Bluetooth, turn on GPS, and start my favorite playlist.

    By my front door- turn off Bluetooth, turn on wifi, check in on four square.

    In the laundry room- turn on the timer so I don't forget to change the loads.

    By the recliner in the tv room- load espn app, load fantasy sports team web site, text my wife to bring me a beer ;)

    By my bed- turn down screen brightness, turn on alarm, turn phone on silent mode.

    By the family calendar- load the calendar app
  16. kingjavs

    kingjavs Member

    I am seriously considering buying me some NFC tags :)

    Where is the cheapest, and/or more reliable place that I can get them.

  17. Hot Sauce

    Hot Sauce Newbie

    Would this be possible with an NFC tag?

    Let's say I have to wake up in the morning and set up an alarm. Could I make it so that the only way my alarm stops playing is if I tap my phone on a tag on the other side of my bedroom?

    That'd be great for people who have a hard time getting up in the morning, myself included lol
  18. phil75231

    phil75231 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I only have two "permanent" tags, the one in my car to get it ready for drive mode (Turn off WiFi, Turn on Bluetooth, etc.) and the one in my car to reset the phone to Normal mode. All of my other tags I just kept attached to the wax paper and "taped" them by looping regular Scotch tape to the back of teh wax paper.
  19. lablackdiabla

    lablackdiabla Member

    how do you do this...is it an app or how did u configure these setting
  20. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Newbie

    I havent yet used NFC tags for my Note 2 but assume one can't if you have it in an Otterbox cover as I do. Is that correct? Or would these tags still work?
  21. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    I have an otterbox commuter on my s3 and they work just fine.
  22. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Newbie

    Thank you. Good to know. I will purchase some and set them up then.

    Thanks again..
  23. arparaspolo

    arparaspolo Android Enthusiast

    I currently don't use NFC due to my extended(slim) battery not having the antenna. I do however prefer "Smart Actions" on the RAZR MAXX(phone I had before my GS3) better.

    I also wish there was a "Concert" mode while recording video like my old MAXX as well. It made it so there was no distortion from the loud music on the audio when watching the video.
  24. rtlady

    rtlady Newbie

    I have body glove tough suite and nfc works.
  25. rtlady

    rtlady Newbie

    On my gs3, Nfc works with body glove case.

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