NFC Task Launcher help


Hi all.

I got a pack of Tectiles for my Note 2 only to find out that the Samsung app is very limited. Now I'm giving NFC TL a try but still cannot figure out how to accomplish my ideas.

I want to create entire profiles toggleable by a single Tectile. For example a tile on my door frame that toggles OUT or HOME. OUT would have BT on and Wifi off, HOME would have BT off and Wifi on. Basic toggle actions work fine until my phone happens to be in neither profile, for example both wireless modes on. Same issue prevents many other ideas I have.

Must I buy Tasker? Can it change settings based on current ones?

ps. Can I make my Note 2 and Tectiles and other already known NFC devices work with display off?
I use NFC TL as well.

You do not have to buy Tasker (although I did and enjoy it alot).
It (Tasker) can look at settings and use conditionals to change its course of action

[HIGH]if(wifiIsNotOn) {
//turn on wifi

I've found that my device will only scan the tiles when its on and unlocked (there may be a way to have your NFC scanner in your phone always scanning? not sure.)