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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Keep-It-Real, May 15, 2011.

  1. Keep-It-Real

    Keep-It-Real Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just recently purchased the Nexus S for the Mrs. What exactly is a NFC tag and how does it work? Thanks for the help...

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  2. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    It is a new technology that I do not believe is in use yet. Some of the things it is believed to do is maintain account data for thinks like credit cards and drivers licenses. Once loaded, you should be able to wave your phone in front of a point of sale device to pay for things. I believe Bank of America will be doing some testing with this later this year. Not sure which retailer will step up first to accept NFC though.
  3. Keep-It-Real

    Keep-It-Real Newbie
    Thread Starter

  4. deadsmiley

    deadsmiley Newbie

    I am getting my Nexus S 4G today and this is something that I will definitely not be using. I feel the security risk is too great. Does anybody else feel this way?
  5. kalex

    kalex Newbie

    what security risk? its a near field device. most tags work upto 1-2 inches away :)

    I actually ordered few blank tags to play with them
  6. Wiley_11

    Wiley_11 Android Enthusiast

    This seems amazing to me. NFC Task Launcher App. You can buy tags for about $1 and make your own NFC tags. The possibilities are unlimited. Be sure to check out video! :)

    NFC Task Launcher App

    More Info
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  7. kalex

    kalex Newbie

    Thats what I did. Got few tags - found a NY place that sells them for around $2.50 so I got few to play with. App works great and there is alot of potential for NFC
  8. deadsmiley

    deadsmiley Newbie

    Let me clarify this. I will not be using it for purchases. (CC or debit card)

    I use cash for just about everything except online purchases and travel, including purchasing fuel.
  9. kalex

    kalex Newbie

    ah ok. whatever you want :)
  10. danz

    danz Lurker

    Very cool stuff here, can you need a separate programmer for the NFC tags or can the Nexus read/write?
  11. kalex

    kalex Newbie

    nexus does both read and write
  12. Wiley_11

    Wiley_11 Android Enthusiast

    Task Tags currently support the following tasks
    - Enable / Disable / Toggle Wifi
    - Enable / Disable / Toggle Bluetooth
    - Launch any installed Application
    - Connect to any known SSID
    - Configure a new Wifi Connection and connect
    - Configure and enable Portable Hotspot
    - Enable / Disable Auto-sync
    - Launch any Tasker Task (for users of Tasker)
    - Changing Phone Ringtone
    - Change Notification Tone
    - Changing Ringer Mode (Normal/Silent/Vibrate)
    - Changing Ringer Volume
    - Changing Media Volume
    - Changing Alarm Volume
    - Changing Notification Volume
    - Enable / Disable Airplane mode
    [FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif]- Set Alarm[/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif]- Save Tags for later use[/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif]- Create Profiles from Saved Tags

    You can use it to swipe a tag (that you create) to toggle settings on your phone on and off. Above is what's available in the app today, tomorrow is only limited by ones imagination. You choose what you swipe. :D
  13. danz

    danz Lurker

    Oh I cannot wait to get my Nexus now and slap these tags all over. I always forget to silence my phone at work and this is going to save my job :p
  14. deadsmiley

    deadsmiley Newbie

    That is pretty cool. :cool:
  15. rwilson04

    rwilson04 Lurker

    For people concerned about payment security, there are a few things you might be happy to learn:
    • It is PIN protected
    • The phone has a 'secure element', a chip that prevents theft, copying and tampering.
    • NFC is off when the screen is turned off
    • There are a variety of other security features that I don't understand.
  16. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

    Security risk?

    Question do you give the wait staff your credit card when you eat out?
  17. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member

  18. babyarm74

    babyarm74 Lurker

    Sometimes. I even go so far as to give clerks my checking account #, my DL#, my DOB, my home address, and my phone # when I write checks.
  19. V425

    V425 Android Enthusiast

    My phone has randomly told me that it collected a tag twice so far. I have no idea what they were or where they're saved though
  20. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    I just got the phone, haven't done the NFC part, but I saw one of the apps called tags, in the app drawer. Have you looked there? Just curious now, but I went there and it briefly described it there.
  21. mjgravina

    mjgravina Newbie

    I would definitely recommend going through the links already posted.

    The potential for NFC is very good, perhaps somewhat parallel to Bar coding conventions (with the added advantage that the phone can read nfc without any specific doing from your part).

    I usually keep mine turned off, every time I get home and put my wallet and phone in the same place, the phone reads the public transportation tag located in the little card, for passing through station entrances.

    Plus there is no downside to it. No critical battery usage, no slowing down or bogging of the phone, worse case scenario, you never use nfc. Best case, you get some pretty cool use for it.

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