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General NFC?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Claghorn, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Claghorn

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    So, now that I have an old and a new Nexus 7, I was thinking I should be able to do cool stuff with NFC, like uh, uh, what exactly? :).

    It would have been nice to copy all the custom settings for various apps from the old one to the new one. Is that possible?

    I wanted to transfer some files as well, but couldn't figure out how to do that with NFC either.

    So what can I do? Do I need extra apps to do it?


  2. El Presidente

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    You can use it to pour beer: KegDroid uses NFC and Android to make pouring beer fun again [Smartbeer]

    NFC is a great idea in theory, but I've found very little practical use for it. Google Wallet doesn't work over here, so I can't use it for contactless payment and transferring files etc can be temperamental at times. Bluetooth is much easier/more reliable.

    I do have an NFC tag taped to my front door frame that toggles WiFi using this app, I think they'll even send you some free tags if you live in the States.
  3. Joon525

    Joon525 Member

    I've used it to transfer jpg files that I had as wallpapers from my Nexus 4 to Nexus 7.2.

    1. Enable NFC on both devices.
    2. Bring up the image on the source device.
    3. Bring both devices together (I held them back to back).
    4. The source device will display a screen telling you to "Tap to send". At this point I tapped the image that was displayed.
    5. The source device will now start sending the image to the target device. (It may ask you to bring the source and target device back together one more time but I'm typing this from memory so I can't remember 100%).

    Besides sharing pictures you can send movie files, I think contact cards, if you're on a webpage I think it will send the url and open a browser to navigate to that url.

    That should get you started.

    Edit: Look up NFC tags and learn about tapping to toggle settings. I'm sure there's a YouTube video out there demonstrating this.
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