Politics and sports don't mix. I remember back when Jimmy Carter boycotted the 1980 Olympics because the Soviet Union was battling the Taliban in Afghanistan..... only to be followed by us battling the Taliban in Afghanistan a few years later.
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I'll go on record as not being a fan of the two Monday nights games overlapping. My son is a huge Steeler fan so I'm somewhat a fan of the team myself. He was over to watch the games and we switched over to watch the second game so I missed a lot of the first game. I guess it's good that both games are on a channel that I get but I hate choosing between the two. If they were offered up in a plex where I could watch both games I could quickly become a fan.
I can't believe the Steelers won their game.
Good News! Multiple Scouts think it's not a crazy idea to bench Fields - YIPPEE! Tyson Bagent is the Bears backup QB from a small college. He was an undrafted free agent. He looked good in preseason.

Fields is in his 3rd year. He's already 0-2. Last year with Fields the Bears had the worst record in the NFL. Everyone in Chicago have been very patient with Fields, but he just doesn't have it.

Multiple Scouts Think Bears Starting Tyson Bagent Isn't Crazy At All
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I have a new TV being delivered Thursday. If it doesn't fix the Prime game stream I'm going to be so POed. The delivery is scheduled between 7 and 7. I'm guessing delivery will be at 6:50 pm and I'll miss the first half getting the TV set up. That's Murphy's law.