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NFL App. Commercial with The Bionic!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Preach2k, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Preach2k

    Preach2k Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  2. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    The Droid Bionic is such a handsome phone. It definitely looks better than previous version to me.
  3. Snoudel

    Snoudel Newbie

    Ah! I would have to disagree, I absolutely loved the previous version of the Bionic.
  4. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    Agreed. The Bionic looks like a bigger, identical twin of my OG Droid.

    But the most insulting element of the commercial is the idea that Mark Sanchez can throw a football that accurately.
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  5. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    In terms of the look, I much prefer the Targa over the Etna. Wasn't a fan of those rounded edges. Now it looks like a Droid.
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  6. rickd126

    rickd126 Newbie

    You have to be a pats fan because the sanchise is a hero
  7. thatguy188

    thatguy188 Android Enthusiast

    Agreed! Should of picked Aaron Rodgers .... :p
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  8. Warhawk34

    Warhawk34 Lurker

    Sanchize? More like dirty sanchez? He sucks! An dnot only is he inacurate he can throw that far or with that much velocity!!
  9. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Feel the same way. The rounded edges wasnt doing it for me. If I was on AT&T I probably woulda got the Atrix...but even looking at it...I like the new Bionic look better than the Atrix.
  10. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    Apparently 4G LTE customers are getting NFL mobile for free...which is an insanely good deal. I feel like there must be some catch...
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  11. New Rising

    New Rising Android Enthusiast

    Was that a pun? I Like how the Bionic looks now better than how it used to look. Even if it just looks like a Droid heh.
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  12. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    Not an intentional one! :p
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  13. SirGrant

    SirGrant Newbie

    Careful, Verizon has offered it in the past and about 10 days in tries to charge you a monthly fee for it. At least that is what happened to me... You could still access it free, but if you wanted streaming video, they wanted my cash.
  14. p8ntballah21

    p8ntballah21 Android Enthusiast


  15. That's what the 49'ers front office has been saying for over 5 years
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  16. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

    For last NFL season, if you downloaded the app by a certain date, it was free. If downloaded after that date, you had to pay. I was fortunate enough to have downloaded it for Draft coverage, so I didn't have to pay. Not sure how they are working it this year. I might pay for it anyway if I have to. It's nice to have Red Zone on my phone while I watch another game.
  17. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

    I like Sanchito (that's what we call him here in Southern California due to radio show Petros and Money on Fox Sports Radio) :D He has a great work ethic and a head on his shoulders. He even has me rooting for the Jets (not over my Skins, but still).
  18. charlie310

    charlie310 Well-Known Member

    The first thing that came to my mind.

    He's your hero; yet, you butchered the spelling of his name? LOL. I mean, not even close.

    Hey, be happy. They would have made the Bionic more expensive because they would have had to pay Rodgers 20x more money. They probably went out to find a quarterback that would do the commerical for the least amount of money: Sanchez.

    He doesn't suck. He's just not good. LOL. I guess it could mean one of the same.
  19. treb1797

    treb1797 Extreme Android User

    Verizon and NFL Team Up Again, Free NFL Mobile Premium Access to 4G LTE Customers - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

    This is how they are doing it this year...FREE**

    ** which means not charging the $10 a month for the Vcast Video portion for 4G LTE customers, but Data rates still apply.
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  20. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Well, since we're all football fans, let me go ahead and throw this lil nugget out there. At Costco, not only do we have a great deal on our phones, but also we sell DirecTV. You probably heard about getting the NFL Sunday Ticket for free. But if you sign up, you also get a $180 Costco Cash Card. Might just help pay for that Bionic. ;)
  21. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert


    Ahhhhhhhhhh...........that made my day.
  22. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

  23. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    I think we're gonna have to start reporting you for spaming the boards! :p
  24. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    I'm actually a Nigerian prince. If you would be so kind as to cash this check for me, I'd be more than happy to cut you a share....
  25. treb1797

    treb1797 Extreme Android User

    Don't forget about this!!!! You can watch Saints vs. Packers tonight on your Bionic!!! Enjoy that 4G baby!!!

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