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Nfl Mobile

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by maceman, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. maceman

    maceman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Nfl mobile plays fine on my phone Moto droid 1 (2.2). Then on my sons phone it says he has to pay. I never had to pay on my phone. He has the same exact phone as i do. And on the same plan.

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  2. What exactly does it say? From what ive seen, it just tells you that the program will use data, just to warn you in case you dont have a data plan. As long as you bought the app, you shouldnt have to pay for anything else.
  3. VertigoKid

    VertigoKid Member

    I had the NFL apk on my phone since August 2010. It worked well up till sometime around the first week of October. A nflusa apk came out and it worked like a charm. This afternoon after church I go to work it and it says to download the upgrade. Well, I tried to do this only to realize the upgrade is nowhere to be found. So I find the new upgrade, install it and now when it goes to work, the NFL logo is cut off and it just sits there. If I try to hit 'menu', 'home', or the 'back' button the program will give me a force close message. I even turned off my phone and took out the battery just to see if it would work and it didn't. I'm not happy about this. What makes it worse is that just about all my teams have lost and is losing so trying to get this app to work today is useless but I would still like to find a working NFL app. Help!!! Pretty please?
  4. The one that I got from the thread on xda (the newest one, that came out a few days ago). I used it all day today and it worked fine. You might just need to uninstall then reinstall.
  5. VertigoKid

    VertigoKid Member

    I've been doing that all day hence the reason for this post. The upgrade works fine for the HTC Hero but not for the Samsung Moment.
  6. luvmydoodles

    luvmydoodles Lurker

    i have had the same trouble with my TMobile Vibrant - it wont download update and is stuck on the screen.

    Can anyone help??
  7. did you get the update from the xda thread?

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