Nice combo pack of 7 apps I use almost daily


Hey guys, I just put together a little pack of 7 apps that i think are must-haves. I use just about every one on a daily basis. Check it out and let me know what you think! (I'm on the HTC Evo btw)



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I know I'm new here, but common sense tells me not to download from someone who has 1 post in a message board.

Tempting thread subject, but no thanks.

haha, understandable, maybe someone with some more rep can download and vouch that it's alright? :cool:


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How about telling us whats in the .Zip, that might be a great start!

nice idea xD its:

Juice Defender (Battery Saver)
Handcent SMS (Amazing alternate messenger)
Shazam (music IDer)
RealCalc Scientific Calculator (GREAT calculator)
Vlingo (An extremely useful voice command app)
Angry Birds (Great addicting game)
Caller ID Faker (Just a fun app for pranking friends)

Im sure a lot of these are common but I figured I'd just throw them all together so you dont have to go through and get them individually


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