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Nicer icon for m.facebook.com ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Busha, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Busha

    Busha Member
    Thread Starter

    Is it possible somehow to make nicer icon when I am puting some web favorites on my homescreen ? On Menu - Add shortcut -... To be specific, I am sick of standard facebook app that came with the phone and I want to use m.facebook.com instead, when I make shortcut to this page on my homepage I get some ugly icon with really small FB icon of frontpage. Can I somehow put there real facebook icon ? Or at least 1x1 photo of the page that I want to go with this shortcut ? So my goal is to have nice icon, like Facebook widget has but in a way that this icon is starting m.facebook.com page, not preinstalled FB app. I want to do this for more pages that I use often. Is it possible and how ? Tnx a lot

  2. FitzysX10

    FitzysX10 Member

    Not sure chief, I have seen arguments the other way also.

    Maybe get an iPed !
  3. Busha

    Busha Member
    Thread Starter

    Actually I dont know which one is worse, lets say that m.facebook.com + 1 tap to touch.facebook.com is less worse than Facebook app :) Ive had all generations of iPhone and got sick of it, now I want something else ;-)

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