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Night and day difference?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thehypeisreal, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. thehypeisreal

    thehypeisreal Lurker
    Thread Starter

    How noticeable is the performance you get from rooting, ridding the bloatware, and maybe tweaking some of the hardware settings?

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  2. quickaudi

    quickaudi Android Expert

    Varies by equipment and ROM. It is usually possible to overclock a CPU and free up some RAM to feel an increase in responsiveness and handling of multiple tasks.

    If you are looking for a qualitative comparison, the Droid X quadrant scores were ~1500 before root, oc, and bloat removal. Depending on which ROM, I saw scores anywhere from 1700 to 2200. YRMV.
  3. lfeqlbrm

    lfeqlbrm Member

    Better battery, better cpu preformance, better 3G/4G perfomance, better wifi, better charging, better everything. I look for rootability before i buy any phone.
  4. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Is it night and day difference, no.
    Is it, in some areas, a noticeable difference, yes - BUT that depends on the ROM also. Not all ROMs are better than stock in all areas, some are worse at some things. For instance, many ROMs currently out for the Razr do not have fully working bluetooth. For me that's a deal killer, however you may not care.
    So it really boils down to what you want to accomplish with root.
    Personally I just like trying out new stuff, so I always root my phones and play with different ROMs. If I find one I really like I stick with it (or always go back to it after trying another...)
  5. bolski

    bolski Android Enthusiast

    When I've installed ROMs, I usually found performance to go up in regards to games. However, I've lately found that in stock, if I reduce the window animation to nothing, as well as the window transitions to nothing (from 1x or .5x), I've found performance has increased a lot. Not sure why that would affect a game, but games like Temple Run I've had running pretty choppy under stock until I turned off animation and transition.

    Battery life seems about the same, maybe a little worse, but not by much.

    I'm the type that likes to experiment and tweak, so a lot of times, I would install custom ROMs to play around with. I then find myself having a "flash" attack, wanting to try something new.

    Luckily, with Safestrap v3, this makes it a LOT easier now!

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