[Nightly] Fennec a.k.a firefox android nightly build started


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Hello guys,

Fennec a.k.a firefox android has started nightly build I think. Please refer following links.

Index of /pub/mozilla.org/mobile/nightly/latest-mobile-trunk

Direct Download Link


source:mozilla wiki.


I want to use it, but 30 MB of application space to install is just too much. - over 15% of my total app capacity.

Please please please make it smaller!


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I just tried it out on my droid. It launches, and it even loads the homepage, but it freezes after that. So cruel. Oh well, hopefully a better (functioning) build will be uploaded soon. Honestly I'm just happy that they finally have it packed into an apk.


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Yes guys, you are right. But it is still pre-alpha stage of FF so bugs would be expected. And yeah they are working on to decrease size of FF.

And one more thing froyo (android 2.2) is going to announce anytime so droid and nexus user will have app2SD support officially available. :) so, they don't have to worry about installation size after that.


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ditto on htc desire, freezes on startup

I d/l'd it to my Desire(unrooted) weeks ago, and it worked 1st time... could navigate etc and very smooth it was too, esp for an alpha build.:D I uninstalled as I didnt have time to test properly, nor did I want a large program sitting in memory. But, 1st impressions were distinctly positive.

I read on Vlad's page that currently it would not work if installed to sd; could this be your problem?


I very much enjoyed it's looks from an article I saw a while back. With Froyo's (where art thou?) ability to install to SD, I actually think it nice that it's big so should pack some cool features -- though with Firefox being just short from 8mb I guess there's much to reduce. Well, can't wait for stability!