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Nimbuzz 2.0 - Now with full SkypeOut

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by bluenova, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. bluenova

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    Nimbuzz 2.0 was released yesterday with some very interesting new features.

    First off they now include their own 'NimbuzzOut' service so you can use their service for SIP/VOIP.

    Even though they are providing their own SIP service they have been kind enough to also include SkypeOut as well as many other SIP services.

    With this big bombshell they also now include a dialler so you can call people who are not in your contacts list. There is a new preference to compliment the new dialler which will allow you to specify your country code so that you don't have to dial the country code every time you dial a local number.

    With SkypeOut you can also see your Skype credit status direct in the Nimbuzz app.

    So apart from the official Skype app for Verizon mobile Nimbuzz is the only client (afaik) that is fully supporting SkypeOut since Fring no longer does.

    On the IM side of things Nimbuzz now uses Facebook’s official API. This means enhanced security and will eliminate all disconnect errors.

    After you update Nimbuzz your Facebook connection will no longer work until you go into your preferences and re-authorize Nimbuzz to connect to your Facebook account.

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